Sedation Dentistry

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Dental anxiety effects many Americans and for good reason. Going to see the dentist can be an intimidating and nerve racking experience, however Dr. DeWitt and his friendly staff are here to make sure no patient will ever be afraid to see a dentist. We believe in making a caring and lasting relationship with our patients so that they can feel comfortable getting any type of dental work done. Our dental hygienists and Dr. DeWitt will thoroughly go over the procedures and what you can expect from your visit that way there are no surprises. One option that we offer and is popular among patients with dental anxiety is sedation dentistry.

Minimize Discomfort

Sedation dentistry offers patients a way to relieve fear and minimize discomfort when receiving dental treatment. Dr. DeWitt’s expertise with sedation dentistry makes getting dental work a pleasant and relaxing experience for patients who are particularly afraid and need a little extra help relaxing. Whether you are receiving a root canal, having a dental crown placed, or getting a cavity filled, our sedation dentistry service can make your visit go by quicker and easier.

Visit Dr. DeWitt for Sedation Dentistry

Whether you need general maintenance or cosmetic dentistry procedures, we will make sure that you are completely relaxed during your visit. Thanks to sedation dentistry techniques many of our patients don’t even remember having dental work done. Dr. DeWitt will always put the safety of his patients first and will consults with you to assure a safe and controlled sedation experience.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Vienna VA:

  1. Sedation can be helpful in patients with sensitive gag reflexes, helping them to relax and even doze during care without succumbing to the undeniable urge to choke and sputter.
  2. Many dental procedures can be performed without pain using local anesthetics, but the fear of needles can still make many patients balk at treatment. Mild sedatives can be used in combination with local injected anesthetics to reduce the fear of needles and also to numb pain sensations associated with injections.
  3. Sedatives can also be very effective in helping patients cope with the sounds, smells and sights of the dentist office, eliciting overall feelings of calmness. Patients with general anxiety disorders or anxiety issues like post-traumatic stress disorder are at special risk for these types of “triggering” stimuli that can cause a whole cascade of fear-based reactions.
  4. Sedation enables the dentist to perform multiple procedures during one office visit, which means even those patients with extensive care needs can receive the treatments they need in far fewer visits, reducing costs of care as well as anxiety.
  5. The amnesic state associated with IV sedation and some oral sedatives means most patients have little or, very often, no memory of their treatment, dozing throughout the procedure and waking only once their treatment is complete. This single element can be especially appealing to patients who’ve had traumatic dental experiences in the past that have kept them from seeking even the most basic preventive care like routine cleanings.