Melanie’s Departure Notice

“For more than 23 years, I have had the pleasure of working with our hygienist and friend, Melanie. Now, on the eve of our reopening after the COVID-19 peak has passed, I am sad to announce that she will not be treating patients in the foreseeable future. Below is a letter written by Melanie to all of her beloved patients.”

Hello –

With a very heavy heart, and many tears, I have made the horribly difficult decision to not return to work as of May 17, 2020. After being sick much of March, I have had increased issues with my asthma, which concern me being able to work with all the extra PPE that will now be worn in the dental office. But more importantly, my concern is for my 92-year-old father. After two falls last year, he has slowed down a lot, and I need to be there for him, since besides neighbors dropping off groceries, my husband and son, and myself are the only ones he has to help care for him. For this reason, I have chosen to be extra cautious and have very limited exposure outside my home, and feel that it is best for me to continue doing so and not return to work. I pray that hopefully, in the not too distant future, I can consider returning to doing what I have so loved. I count my blessings for so many years of caring for you, and sharing your lives. I’m pretty sure you know how much joy you bring to me, by the wonderful conversations and hugs we’ve shared. Dr. DeWitt, our entire team, and my patients are truly family to me. I have missed you so much, and will miss you even more. Stay safe, & keep smiling.

Love you all

We will be in contact with all patients that are currently still scheduled with Melanie to discuss options and appointment availabilities. We are in the process of hiring another hygienist that I am confident will take care of her patients with the same degree of professionalism and confidence which we have all appreciated with Melanie.

My hygienist, Kristina, is continuing after 16 years of employment with me and looks forward to the opportunity of meeting and treating many of Melanie’s patients.


Dr. DeWitt