Our Facility


From the moment you arrive at our office you will find a caring, calm, and comfortable environment. Our office is designed with the patient in mind. Your desire for efficiency is balanced with our undivided attention. Having close working associations with many specialists in related fields allows us to provide an impressive scope of options and expertise to better care for our patients as a whole. We look forward to addressing any of your dental needs or desires whether functional or cosmetic.
Parking—plentiful, and free.


Our state-of-the-art office utilizes dental technology that makes us truly unique.

People typically don’t have a clear idea of the actual status of their dental health. Even with lights & mirrors, it’s difficult to see anything but the front of your own teeth, or sections of the shadowed backs and side areas. Intra-oral cameras have changed all of that. Now you can sit comfortably in the chair and the intra-oral camera allows you to see in full color the condition of your teeth and gums magnified on a monitor.

We also utilize quiet hand pieces reduce the noise and chatter of louder drills. In some instances air abrasion allows us to replace traditional dental drills when removing decay without the need for anesthetic. Metal free tooth straightening using Invisalign computer technology is used to show your predicted progress throughout the orthodontic treatment. Dr. DeWitt and his team utilize the latest advances in Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth to rapidly remove calculus when needed.