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My wife and I have been patients of Dr. DeWitt for many years and have always been very satisfied with the treatment we have received. During my last visit, Dr. DeWitt suggested that one of my teeth needed a crown and today was the day. From the pleasant greeting received in the reception area to the reminder of the appointment to install the permanent crown, my experience was exceptional. Dr. DeWitt aims for “gentle and thorough” and, in my case certainly, achieved that goal. Great care is taken to insure that the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. To me, the best part is that, when the local anesthetic wore off, my mouth felt no different than when I awoke this morning. A special thanks to So-Hee, Dr DeWitt’s highly skilled and professional assistant. Along with playing an integral role in the procedure, she helped immeasurably by sharing fascinating stories of her family history. It is wonderful to have something interesting to think about while in the chair. Especially since my mouth feels the same as before, her stories will be the memory of the day!

Gene K.

I have received excellent dental care from Dr DeWitt and his staff for several years. Through different dental diagnoses and treatments, including two emergencies, I have always been expertly treated. My options have been clearly explained. Nobody loves going to the dentist but going to Dr DeWitt is a comfortable experience.

Molly D.

Dr. Dewitt is my (long list of positive adjectives here) dentist, my husband’s dentist, my neighbor’s dentist. He does NOT attempt to sell us anything we don’t want or need regardless of social pressures to have Hollywood teeth. If you want to know whether or not a purely cosmetic procedure is right for yourself, he’ll advise but he doesn’t push. This is a welcome rarity in his field. His complementary staff are cohesive, responsive, understanding, clearly respectful of each other, always silently allowing the patient to be the most important person in the space–and like Dr. Dewitt, often belly laugh funny. Ever hear of a work related male boss hosting a baby shower at his home for a female associate? Dr. Dewitt did. Most importantly, the whole team recognizes your time is of equal value to their own.

Opal A.

Dr. DeWitt is simply The Best. Just finished with Invisiline and could not have been more pleased with my new straight teeth. Aside from his top dentistry skills, Dr. DeWitt must also be a good judge of people, since he has surrounded himself with a great staff-all competent, warm and friendly.

Pat H.

I have been going here for 16 years and have never been disappointed. This practice has worked with my orthodontist, fit me for night guards, taken me in for emergencies, and have educated me on proper oral hygiene. Both of my parents go here as well as my grandfather. You know the work done at an office is phenomenal when a 91 year old afraid of doctors gives the thumbs up. Not only is Dr. DeWitt an outstanding dentist but his staff hold themselves to highest standards for patient care. No matter where I am I will always come back to this office.

Rachel W.

I have been going to see Dr. Dewitt since the mid 1990’s, with the exception of a small break for 7 years when I lived out of the area. The minute I returned to the DC area, I went right back to Dr. Dewitt. They still had my file!

He is a fantastic dentist – his staff is always efficient, polite, and great dental hygienists as well. I am “weird” about my teeth – in other words, I am one of those nerds that takes great pride in my Sonicare toothbrush, flossing regularly, etc. I feel like Dr. Dewitt is the same way – very detail oriented, concerned about both your appearance and overall tooth health, etc.

He is by far the best dentist I have ever had – bar none.

Other than the fact you need to file your own insurance claims to your dental insurer, and that his offices are in Tyson’s Corner (I live in DC proper) everything is great about Dr. Dewitt. He is the only reason I ever drive to Northern Virginia.

Jennifer R.

I once had a friend in the dental field. She directed me to a dentist whom she said was the best in Washington. I went to him and he said, “Why are you coming all the way into Washington? I’ll give you the name of the best dentist in Northern Virginia.” That’s how I got Dr. DeWitt. I’ve been happy every since.

Dr. DeWitt is highly competent, communicative, gentle, thorough, and precise. He also has a wonderful staff. Can’t imagine going anywhere else.

Pat H.

Dr Dewitt is hands down the best dentist I have ever been to.  He does exemplary work, is very patient and gentle, and explains things thoroughly.  He graduated first in his class and Georgetown, and also loves to scuba dive. His office is very clean and inviting. If you need a cavity filled (which is rare for me, because he takes such good care of me!) he will numb up the area and even provide nitrous oxide if you need it to relax.  My daughter now goes to him, and also thinks he is great.  Finally, his dental technicians, who do the cleaning, are all excellent and very nice.  Just be sure to schedule your cleaning appointment in advance, as they do get booked up.  However, if it is an emergency Dr DeWitt is always available. You can’t go wrong with this choice.

Louise T.

Highly recommend Dr. DeWitt. At my checkup he was thorough and the staff are very nice. Months later, I had a dental emergency and I was in a lot of pain. He was gentle with the exam and diagnosed me with bruxism (teeth grinding) and made a mouth guard for me that day. Really helped me with what can be a very confusing and painful problem.

Julia C.

Office staff are friendly and organized; hygienists are attentive and thorough, Dr. DeWitt is informative, careful, answers questions, provides details and options.  I’ve been going to this officer for 18-19 years and have nothing but praise. From emergency advice by phone from another country to routine care over the years, Dr. DeWitt and his team provide high quality care.  No doubt about it.

M. R.

I have been an extremely satisfied customer of Dr. DeWitt for 16 years.  He is by far the most superior dentist I have had.   He does high quality work and is very thorough.  He repaired my two front teeth and added a crown to a molar 16 years ago.  Both jobs are still in great condition.  I am amazed at the detail both the doctor and my hygienist Melanie know my mouth.  They both notice potential problems before they become serious.   I was diagnosed with Bruxism and fitted with a mouth guard that has saved my teeth.  They also identified gum recession in a portion of my mouth and recommended modifying my brushing before I caused serious damage.  Dr. DeWitt is easy to talk to and very informative.

Todd G.

Great dentist.  Very personable and the staff is great.  I wish it were painless, but they do a pretty good job.

John D.

Dr. Robert DeWitt and his staff are absolutely the BEST! A few years ago, I did extensive research for some dental work I wanted to have done. As a result of my research and the recognition that he had received, I decided to work with Dr. DeWitt. I could not be happier with my decision to work with Dr. DeWitt and his fantastic team. They are very professional, yet appropriately empathetic when you need someone to be during a procedure! Based on my 3+ years of experience, I highly recommend Dr. DeWitt and hope he never retires!!

Jennell E.

Dr. Dewitt is a fantastic dentist.  He is very thorough and detail, but perhaps even more importantly, he takes the time to answer any questions I may have regarding issues with my teeth.  Furthermore, he goes to great lengths to discuss options which may be open in the future.

In addition, my hygienist, Melanie, has been cleaning my teeth for years and she is fantastic.  She’s very thorough and always does a great job, all while keeping me entertained with discussions of college football, current events, and life in general.  I wouldn’t go to another hygienist.

Jonathan T.

By far the BEST dentist I have ever received treatment from.  The staff is kind and courteous, and Dr. Dewitt is absolutely “gentle and thorough” just as the card reads.  He will absolutely go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met and everything feels perfect.  Washington’s top dentist – hands down. I will absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Mike H.

My experience with Dr. DeWitt and his staff is nothing but perfection. He is undoubtedly the best dentist in Northern Virginia.  The office staff is friendly and helpful.  I know when I walk in the door, from start to finish I am getting the BEST dental care possible.  So if you’re looking or thinking about looking for a practice that understands your dental needs and help you achieve them. Look no further! You’ll be amazed… I promise you won’t be disappointed!  S. Howe (a loyal & privileged patient)

S. H.