TMJ Therapy

headache therapy tysons corner vaTMJ disorder describes conditions affecting the Temporomandibular Joint (where the lower jaw joins the skull) and nerves related to chronic facial pain and it is the most frequently stressed point of the body. Over 40 million people in the United States suffer from chronic headaches, neck & shoulder pain, jaw aches, and dental damage from their bite. A substantial proportion of these headaches and other aches are caused by TMJ disorders.
At your initial visit we will spend one hour gathering your information and performing a comprehensive oral examination. Dr. DeWitt will personally consult with you about your past, present and future concerns and help with you TMJ therapy. After diagnostic information has been obtained, including x-rays, he will spend the necessary time to make sure that you understand your dental status and any treatment that might be needed. Dr. DeWitt and his staff are proud of their philosophy of communicating and educating their patients.