Do You Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

If you’re considering getting your teeth whitened, then consider getting them professionally done instead of using over the counter treatments. Usually, these tabs, trays, and whitening pens either don’t work at all, or take months to achieve any results. When the results are achieved, teeth aren’t as white as they could be, and do not last as long. Here are 4 reasons why you would be better off getting your teeth whitened by a dentist.

Quicker Results

Whitening kits, whether you use a pen, a tray or strips, take about 2-4 weeks before you see even a shade or two whiter teeth. Whitening toothpastes also whiten slowly if at all. Professional treatments achieve results in under an hour.

Whitening strips tend to move around in the mouth and not stay in place for the hour or two you’re expected to wear them. Some strips cause tooth and gum sensitivity that last days after use. Forget about whitening pens because the gel can leak out before you use the pen on your teeth. Also, whitening pens are less effective than strips for whitening teeth, and you might ingest the cleaner.

Whiter Brighter Smile

Store bought whiteners contain only one tenth the amount of hydrogen peroxide needed to obtain professional results. You get a whitening product containing up to 35% hydrogen peroxide from a dentist. The dentist has had experience in whitening teeth, and can apply the treatment correctly. If you have never used over the counter products and have no experience in whitening teeth, you can potentially cause damage to the gum or tongue.

Stain Free Teeth

Many people have hard to clean stains that whitening kits sold by the local pharmacy do little or nothing to remove. We advise that you have your teeth cleaned to remove the external stains first, then the whitening gel will affect the tooth color itself instead of being wasted on superficial stains.

Improved Whitening Products

Over the counter home teeth whitening products tend to have weak bleaching agents. Home products contain less hydrogen peroxide than the products used by the professionals. Home whitening trays are a cheap plastic that don’t fit the mouth properly. In some cases, the trays are too small for an adult mouth and do not cover the back teeth. These trays don’t hold the solution, causing the gums to burn. Professionals will make an impression of your teeth to customize fit your mouth.

It is best not to struggle with over the counter teeth whitening products. They can be messy, ineffective, and even cause damage if not used correctly. Get better results by going to a dentist for teeth whitening.